A brief history

Lured by the fertile land, the GRAFIGNA family recognized the potential for great winemaking in San Juan, Argentina, and left their home in Italy to realize their dream. Established in 1870, GRAFFIGNA has the honor of being the oldest winery in San Juan and the secondoldest winery in all of Argentina. The large plains and excellent soil make Argentina an ideal place for grape growing. With each region reflecting its individual terroir, the wines of GRAFFIGNA benefit from the microclimates within the contiguous valleys along the San Juan River. The first to sell branded wine in Argentina, GRAFFIGNA now has a healthy export business to more than 20 countries worldwide. Most of GRAFFIGNA’s San Juan vineyards are located 700-1,500 meters above sea level on steep slopes that receive nourishment from an underground water supply. Because of its proximity to the Andes Mountains, the San Juan region has unique microclimates. San Juan enjoys a dry climate and an average of 310 days of sunshine per year, which means the grapes achieve optimal ripeness to produce softer tannins and exceptional concentration. Because the “Zonda” winds that blow through San Juan help prevent disease and mildew rot, fewer pesticides and chemicals are used. This results in superior fruit quality.

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San Juan, Argentina