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Felipe Staiti Wines

3 Wines from 3 Grape Varieties

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Felipe Staiti Wines Euforia Bottle Preview
Felipe Staiti WinesEuforia

The wine is very direct and fruity, with a good texture in mouth, weaving a long and elegant finish. The Malbec variety is well represented, with its intensity of mature berries, minerals, and a floral touch, which is the source of its musical intricacy.

Felipe Staiti Wines Honor Bottle Preview
Felipe Staiti WinesHonor

This powerful blend of Malbec and Cabernet France is intense and potent, with a pronounced ripe berry flavor and a superb texture. As Felipe would put it: “It’s like a Steely Dan song.”

Felipe Staiti Wines Vertigo Bottle Preview
Felipe Staiti WinesVertigo

This very intense blend combines graphite, mineral and ripe berry flavors. The touch of strong spices combined with the ripe berries enhances the Syrah del Valle de Uco quality. This intense wine is one for memories that last a lifetime, like those songs that stay with you forever.