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A brief history

Astonished by the characteristics of the local land and motivated by this visionary spirit, in 1985, the English engineer Mr. Edmund James Palmer Norton planted the first vines imported from France, giving origin to the first winery at the south of Mendoza's River, in Luján de Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina).

In 1989, the Austrian Businessman, Mr. Gernot Langes Swarovski traveled to Mendoza and experienced the same fascination for the region’s beauty, its people’s warmth and the exceptional conditions for vine growing. Led by his intuition and his belief in the high potential that viticulture and winemaking meant in Argentina, he bought Norton winery with the firm purpose on making wines that would be worldwide recognized for their quality.

While carrying out this project, he appointed his son Michael Halstrick as manager. Together with a team of professionals, Michael started a new phase of investment, modernization and growth. In this way, the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology combined with people’s knowledge and passion, have made, Norton a leading brand in both export and domestic markets.

David Bonomi, recognised as “Winemaker of the Year” by the well-known Master of Wine Tim Atkin (2020), is the person in charge of elaborating Bodega Norton’s wines and head of the winemaking and agricultural teams.

Due to David’s vast career and experience, his wines have been awarded with over 95 points by the most prestigious winemakers across the world. He is part of a new generation of winemakers that are compromised with the evolution of viticulture. Bonomi has made the first move to experiment with vines of Grüner Veltliner, an Austrian grape variety, in Argentina. He is the first winemaker in South America to launch a Grüner Veltliner still wine and a sparkling wine. David has also been recognised among the Top 10 South American Winemakers, awards that have been topped off with his recent recognition as “Winemaker of the Year” by Tim Atkin in his “2020 Argentina Special Report”.

With over 125 years of experience, Bodega Norton is known for being a vanguard and a world-class winery due to its high-end sparkling and still wines. With vineyards in the privileged zone of Luján de Cuyo, with a vast experience in Valle de Uco also.

The winery is situated on the foothills of The Andes Mountains in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, and owns a total of 5 estate vineyards located in this privileged terroir. Bodega Norton’s wines have been locally and internationally awarded and are exported to over 70 countries around the world. Some of our most recognized labels are Gernot Langes, Lote, Privada, Quorum, Grüner Veltliner, Reserva, Norton Malbec D.O.C., Barrel Select, Elegido, Cosecha Tardía, Norton Colección 1895, Clásico 1895, and our Cosecha Especial sparkling labels.
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Established in 1895

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Bodega Norton Wines

Featured Wines

Bodega Norton Lote Negro Bottle Preview
Bodega NortonLote Negro

In every estate there always a unique and outstanding place, where terroir reaches its full potential, senses are beyond any explanation and differentiation stands out against uniformity. This extraordinary relevation of nature, combined with our winemakers' passion, results to be unique and unrepeatble, just like the pure expression of the terroir.

Bodega Norton Privada Family Blend Bottle Preview
Bodega NortonPrivada Family Blend

Intense ruby-red colour. Complex ripe fruits, species and coffee aromas. Unctuous on the palate, fruity with slight presence of woody notes. Great structure with a delicate presence of tanins.

Bodega Norton Lote Agrelo Bottle Preview
Bodega NortonLote Agrelo

Agrelo is known for granting malbec an aromatic and structural personality. This wine was made with grapes coming from our ancient estate located in the heart of the terroir, planted on a deep alluvial silt loam soil, typical of the region.

Bodega Norton Lote La Colonia Bottle Preview
Bodega NortonLote La Colonia

Finca La Colonia, located in the west of Agrelo, at the foot of the Andes mountains, stands out by granting malbec firm and fine tannins. The grapes of this wine come from a selected plot of our estate, planted on a medium-deep alluvial soil with abundant silt, clay and boulder.

Bodega Norton Lote Lunlunta Bottle Preview
Bodega NortonLote Lunlunta

Lunlunta is known for granting malbec a refined and powerful personality. This wine was made with grapes coming from our ancient estate located in the heart of the terroir, planted on a shallow alluvial oil over a clay-cemented boulder bed.

Bodega Norton Altura Bottle Preview
Bodega NortonAltura

This genuine Altura Malbec expresses a very intense fruit aromas, with a special balance of mineral notes, defined by the unique growing region located at great height in the majestic Andes