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Bodega Llaver Cobre 2020 Signature Cabernet Sauvignon; 2020 Signature Malbec Bottle Preview
Bodega LlaverCobre 2020 Signature Cabernet Sauvignon; 2020 Signature Malbec

Cabernet: At sight it has a very intense cherry red color and deep with marked violet reflections. Its aromas reminiscent of cherries, raspberries with some pepper, being harmonious and pleasant. To the mouth is amalgamate the sensations of sweet tannins with ripe fruits, with a background of spices that make it very complex. Malbec:It is ruby ​​red in color with some flashes of Garnet. Its aromas are delicate, harmonic, with a good evolution. Red and ripe fruits are perceived as the plum reminiscent of walnut and tobacco. To the mouth is potentiates again the lyre fruit of Malbec, plums and sour sour cherries, leaving a jam-like finish that amalgamates with tannins, giving it a good intensity and a great body

Bodega Llaver Familia Llaver Oro Bottle Preview
Bodega LlaverFamilia Llaver Oro

De color rojo cereza oscuro. Con aromas de cereza, guinda, ciruelas, acompañados de fragancias a vainilla y especias. Con un final dulce de las frutas del varietal y roble suave bien integrado. A la boca posee una gran intensidad de frutas rojas, suave vainilla, roble firme, con un final equilibrado y armónico donde predominan los taninos dulces muy atractivo y de Gran personalidad.