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Karim is a permanent searcher for unique terroir expressions. Abras is the first chapter of a long story that began when he fell in love with Cafayate, a high elevated desert in Salta at 1,750 m.a.s.l (cradle of Torrontés, and also of great Malbecs). We source fruit from vines that are more than 30 years old, planted on alluvial soils at the bottom of the valley, getting more mineral and genuine expressions. In the same way the Incas used the Abras as roads to navigate the Andes mountains, we use this elvish portal to have access to the beautiful wine world of the Calchaquí Valley.
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Established in 2011

Adriano Gómez 3602
Salta, Argentina




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Abras ABRAS CAMINO REAL Bottle Preview

Abras are the natural trails or gates that allowed the local “Calchaquí” natives and later, the Incas to connect their vast empire. For them, Abras were a blessing from the “Pacha Mama” to which they would leave offerings. Those Abras permitted to create a famous route, that the Spanier conquerors used to connect Lima, their capital city, with the port of Buenos Aires and also, to transport many natural resources through what they called “Camino Real”. This wine is our “offering” to those who appreciate this Royal expression and unique beauty, combining different varietals from this blessed area, to obtain the epitome expression of the Valley

Abras ABRAS MALBEC Bottle Preview

MALBEC Fresh and elegant line displaying the full character of the impressive Cafayate Valley.

Abras ABRAS TORRONTES Bottle Preview

Fresh and elegant line displaying the full character of the impressive Cafayate Valley. Chimpa (1.700 M.A.S.L. / 5.577 F.A.S.L) & Yachochuya (2.000 M.A.S.L. / 6.562 F.A.S.L), Cafayate. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks.