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Tittarelli Wines

A brief history

The older the wine is, the better it tastes. That is Titarelli, an emblematic case in wine-producing industry in our country. Enrique Tittarelli founded the winery in 1915; nowadays his rich winemaking tradition remains and a second century of life will begin with important news.
Enrico Tittarelli was born in 1882 in Marcas, Italy. In 1900 arrived to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In 1909, living in Mendoza, he got married to Teresa Bombadre. They had seven children, whose names are remembrances of that feeling of rootlessness: Pacífico, Américo, José, Mario, Arturo, Italia and Colombia.

The key year was 1915. He bought 3 hectares in Campamentos (Rivadavia) and he grew vines. Then he started buying more lands and planted olive trees, and later on, he built a winery.
30 degrees south latitude indicates a special geographic spot, highly appropiate for vine cultivation. The weather in this area offers wide thermal amplitude most of the year, with sunny hot days and cool nights, typical of a desert-like weather that prevails in the region. These climatic conditions, along with the lack of rains and a permeable, sandy soil; become this Region Cuyana in the most appropriate area for vine cultivation, allowing it to challenge with the best and most traditional European wines.
In these days, the company combines tradition and technology to create wines with unbeatable characteristics. A high-trained professional team of technicians and workers continue with a legacy of three generations that made and make Titarelli a great company.