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A brief history

We made a long selection of the areas and chose those that we interpreted as the most telluric and visceral. three very small micro-terroirs, the most austere lands, those of higher altitude and those that most faithfully express the qualities of this land. they are gualtallary, in tupungato; los chacayes, in tunuyán and altamira in san carlos. three wild desert valleys, which stretch out like natural paradises in the foothills of the Andes, where we harvest grapes that grow on the mountains. They are zones of alluvial and colluvial soils, formed by the erosion of the mountain range millions of years ago, without organic matter, where the roots grow hugging the rocks, from which they take the nutrients and their unique character. here a clear influence of chalk is evident,
There the rains are scarce, but the winter snowfalls provide the water that comes down from the mountains to irrigate the plants.