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A brief history

Finca la Violeta

8 hectares located in Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, one of the best wine-growing areas in Argentina for the development of Premium wines.
The soils of Finca La Violeta are located at 980 meters above sea level, an ideal height for the minerals from the meltwater and the thermal amplitude of the area to enrich the land and the vines. They are planted with low trellises and the traditional surface irrigation system is applied with water from the Mendoza River. The soil is characterized by being clay loam.
Since 1926 this vineyard has produced Malbec grapes exclusively, having generated some of the best wines in the area, recognized worldwide.

Finca Altos de Barrancas

43 hectares located in Barrancas, Maipú. Of which 38 were planted with various varieties of grapes in 1996. The soils of Altos de Barrancas are located 720 meters above sea level. This area is characterized by the presence of stones on the surface, due to its proximity to the Mendoza River.
The varieties present are: Chardonnay 5.5 hectares (15%), Syrah 2.5 hectares (7%), Cabernet Franc 2.5 hectares (7%), Cabernet Sauvignon 11.5 hectares (31%) and Malbec 15 hectares (40%). In 2016 a drip irrigation system was installed, with the aim of obtaining greater efficiency in the vineyard's yield.