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Finca Don Hector

A brief history

Our winery has been started as a venture promoted by our love for the field and its fruits. We have grown believing in an essential premise: small-scale work always yields better results. To achieve this goal, we look after and follow up all the process enthusiastically, from the vineyard to the wineglass. We believe that this is the path we must follow so that, in the long term, the personality that identifies us is reflected in our wines. Our constant pursuit of improving the quality of life of wine consumers and especially the friends of our project Finca Don Héctor has led us to reconsider the way to produce our wines. We think that wine is a sum of details and 90% of its final quality is originated in the vineyard.

One of the details to be emphasized in our production processes and stages is grape washing. This is performed without diluting the positive elements that provide wine with aroma and flavor and by removing the negative elements that can disguise and alter the elements that provide good quality. Ultimately, we consider wine to be a food product, and the process of washing and drying the grapes, a factor that improves the quality obtained from the vineyard, results in more dynamic fermentations and greater fruit characters in wines. We also eliminate a large number of possible flaws in wine, and we could obtain wines with more flavor and aroma, which would be more faithful to the region where they are cultivated.