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Finca Decero

A brief history

Born of the world-class vision of Swiss owner Thomas Schmidheiny, Finca Decero is an acclaimed wine estate and the location of our one-of-a-kind Remolinos vineyard in Agrelo, Mendoza.
In 2000, the decision was taken to start “from scratch” (as Decero means). Unencumbered by history, starting with a blank canvas we were able to make critical early decisions which determined our path towards establishing an exceptional wine estate.
First and foremost was the carefully considered site selection of virgin land in the highest part of Agrelo. At an altitude of 1050m/3500ft, this land was chosen for its pristine water quality of glacial meltwater from an underlying aquifer and a unique tapestry of soils unmatched in the surrounding area. In these early days, we extensively analysed the environment both below and above ground and consequently made variety and clone selection specifically suited to areas within the vineyard. We planted in a row direction of NNW/SSE for optimal sunlight exposure. We set in place both hail protection and drip irrigation to protect and nurture the vines in the most sustainable and sensitive way. Taking 3 years to make wines for our own sensory analysis prior to any commercial release helped us understand further nuances of the Remolinos Vineyard which helped us craft the award-winning first vintage of 2006 wines.