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Finca 8

A brief history

Our history as many others can be summarized in few words: WORK, PASSION AND LOVE….A LOT OF LOVE FOR WHAT WE DO. Several years ago a group of young people started an ambitious project in search of a different product, with the highest quality destined to satisfy the most discerning palates. Sheltered by those ideas, the project became reality and today those who are carrying it out continue sharing the objective of giving the best. Now, one of them takes up a new challenge with the same spirit and passion. FINCA 8 is a familiar company born to satisfy a simple and significant desire, transmitting generation after generation, from parent to child, those passions inherent to the man: the love for dreams and the willingness to share the fruit, the pride for those achievements, the effort to overcome obstacles and the constant search of new horizons. In order to explain so, I find no better allied or excuse than wine. With all its history, with all its future, with all it represents for us, the SPIRIT OF MALBEC.