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Familia Blanco Winery

A brief history

Tradition and innovation. Commitment and dedication. Patience and quality. These are the principles with which we at Familia Blanco give life to our wines.
With the tradition rooted in three generations of Spanish farmers and with the vision of contributing to an innovative viticulture, we Mónica and Gabriel, began in the 80s the wonderful path of working the land.
In 2005, accompanied by our 5 children (Ivana, Rocío, Lucía, Gabriel and Álvaro), we founded Bodega Familia Blanco, an enterprise marked by extreme care in the stages of production, winemaking, storage, marketing and distribution, convinced of offering in each glass the best of the family.
Our Familia Blanco and Mairena wines reflect the excellence that comes from effort, professionalism and affection and express the typicality of our terroir. Like tradition, they transcend time and build the future.
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Established in 2005

Route 86 Km 7, Ugarteche