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Bodega Zemlia

A brief history

Bodega Zemlia began in September 2008, with the help of a group of 5 friends who share a passion for the land and the art of wine. Our beginning in the world of the vine and wine is born in the estates in Valle de Uco and Altamira, where excellent quality grapes are obtained to be used in important wineries in their highest level wines.
Bodega Zemlia is for us a return to the land and to our roots, in the desire to generate value through a product such as Wine, which is an inseparable part of our civilization. In fact, Zemlia means Earth and by giving this name to the winery, we wanted to honor the infinite and generous Argentine land and especially the terroir and the people of Mendoza.
At the same time, we have deep respect for this beautiful activity. So much so that to our dream and enthusiasm we add a recognized group of professionals and specialists to form a great team that will accompany us throughout the development of our project, transferring their accumulated wisdom and experience to us.
The objective of Bodega Zemlia is to produce Super and Ultra Premium Wines. In addition, we continue to form the basis to achieve our Icon Wine, for this we use the highest quality in terms of supplies and processes.
The Malbec grape - base of our production - comes largely from our Tunuyan farms in the Uco Valley. We complete this distinctive contribution with grapes from selected producers and followed by our technicians to generate the optimum quality, but also offer the necessary complements for the production of complex wines.
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Established in 2008

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