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Bodega Rolland

A brief history

Together with Michel, his wife and daughter, they are also part of the adventure in our country.
Dany Rolland, born in the Dordogne, is a brilliant oenologist, partner of the Rolland winery and is in charge of Château Fontenil in Fronsac and the Rolland laboratory in Pomerol, with a team of ten colleagues to meet the needs of about 400 customers. He is also involved in Michel's consulting activity in France and abroad. Dany Rolland is a source of knowledge, extremely adaptable and capable of making the most of terroirs on various continents. She is one of the most talented and renowned winemakers in the world. Stéphanie Rolland, one of his daughters, is the one who manages all the family businesses, even here, in Argentina. For her part, Marie Rolland, her youngest daughter, is in charge of the design and image of all the ventures.
A family harmony in the choices of work, marketing, communication and public relations, thanks to the transmission, education and initiation from childhood to the production requirements: loving and understanding the vine and the land, the grapes, the gestures of the winemaker, then the wine, the winery, with numerous tastings that arouse curiosity and forge the senses.