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Bodega Mumm

A brief history

It is a winery that is characterized by being a specialist in the production of French champagne. The G.H. Mumm was founded in 1827, and is a family-owned winery.

The Mumm family has been making the best French Champagne for years. However, it was in 1827 that it expanded with a company that would break national limits. Something that they easily achieved, since it is currently a winery that supplies most of the countries internationally.

The G.H. Mumm has 218 hectares of land, which corresponds to the land from which the magnificent crop, which bears fruit, comes from, which G.H Mumm uses to make champagne. Of course, this expansion of land is not enough, so they use independent producers who are close to their land.

The cellar where the wine is fermented is about 25 km long. It is like an underground cave, and the building has about 300 square meters.

The purpose of G.H. Mumm has always been about making the best wine, combining traditional techniques with the most up-to-date technology, and this has been accomplished. It was the first winery to use barrels to ferment wine. In addition, he separated the vines by parcels until the time of coupage.

When visiting one of the wineries you will be able to observe the machinery that they previously used and how they have evolved, to the point that it currently has the best machinery for the production of one of the best quality wines. However, to make the best wine it is necessary that, in addition to the machinery, they have the necessary raw material. For this reason, Bodegas de G.H. Mumm has vineyards in the best region that grows the variety of grapes, such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.