It is round with good structure

Growing Conditions

Altitude: 3,280 ft above sea level Density planting: 7200 plants per hectare Vineyard management: Organic, drip irrigation Soil type: Stony loam soil with rocky areas Yield: 2 plant per bottle Vintage report: A year that required a lot of decision making: less production, more humidity for the region, but with good canopy management and human labor to determine harvest time, maintained quality and achieved natural acidity.


Date of harvest: Last week of April 2017 Harvest method: By hand


September 2018. This wine has neither been fined, filtered, nor cold stabilized.


Maceration: Cold maceration at 6ºC for 5 days Alcoholic fermentation: With native yeasts, 23 days at 25-27ºC, 3 pumpovers and one delestage daily in concret vat. Malolatic fermentation: In French oak barrels for 30 days.


12 months in 50% 2nd use, 50% 3rd use French oak.

Food Pairing

Pork tenderloin with potatoes