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A brief history

Garbin Estate is a family business winery founded in 1978 by Carlos Garbin, who had a visionary dream and established one of the most important wineries of the region. His son Alejandro Garbin shared the same passion and continued the winery´s management, becoming the head of this legendary wine cellar. The extraordinary facilities of this cellar are located in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina. The plant is equipped with high tech machinery that produces high quality wines ensuring constant supply for high demand periods.

The company has a production plant with a storage capacity of 20,000,000 liters. Supplemented with an infrastructure that allows adequate supply for normal and high demand needs.

Currently our wines are in the shelves of countries like the United States, China, Italy, Spain, Germany, Brasil, Ecuador, and Colombia. We seek every day to grow and improve our global participation.

We elaborate varietal wines in its lines Marques del Sur, Viñas del Tango, Alonkura, Viejo Rincon, Viñas y Parrales, Pico de Oro. The production process is controlled permanently by our Quality Control Department always ensuring reliable wines.
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Established in 1978

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