The nose is complex and elegant. It shows notes of tobacco and white pepper followed by some notes of ripe yellow fruits such as apricot, peach, black fig and quince jam.


On the palate, the first impression is driven by mentholated hints. A very balanced character between acidity and the dense silkiness of the tannins impacts on the elegant finish of this Grand Cru.

Growing Conditions

This vintage was first characterized by strong winds during winter and some frost in September that caused a very uneven bud break. Spring was followed by three very strong “Zonda” winds that lowered the fruit set. The naturally low yield helped develop color and aroma concentration in the skins. The months of December, January and February showed higher temperatures than the average. The season from veraison to harvest reached was very fresh. 2012 delivered grapes with a fresh and aromatic profile where the correlation between phenological and technological maturation was accurate.


During the 2012 vinification process fermentation happened almost naturally, which allowed the extraction to be very gentle. Following our pursuit to achieve natural balance we touched the skin-cap very gently and resorted to natural maceration managed by controlled temperatures. Maceration took 21 days, followed by pumpovers until 2/3 of the fermentation and one delestage in the middle of the fermentation process. The post-fermentative maceration was conducted at 28 degrees for our Cabernets and Petit Verdot and 26 degrees for our Malbecs.


New 30%; second use 70% 100% French Oak


Red ruby color with violet highlights.