The nose is subtle, whispered and precise, but at the same time wide and enveloping. It reveals delicate fresh aromas such as violet and pepper in harmony with warmer ones as raspberry and black fruits.


On the palate, it represents an elegant expression of Cheval des Andes in a warm vintage. Its full-body, manifested from the mouth entry, is accompanied by very fine tannins that converge in a tense finish with marked acidity and freshness.

Growing Conditions

Harvest 2013 has been one of the most important in recent decades in terms of quantity and quality, thanks to the absence of climatic risk factors. The season was characterized by a number of hot days – with temperature over 30°C – well above the historical average. Therefore, we had to face the great challenge of avoiding over-ripeness and excessive concentration and opulence, in order to maintain the natural balance and freshness typical from Cheval des Andes wines. The key was to carefully define the harvest date. We harvested flexibly and quickly to achieve an aromatic balance between red fruits and spices and moderate levels of alcohol. During the ripening period, the nights in our vineyards were very cool, so natural acidity was preserved.


In 2013, we introduced the use of 400-litre and 500-litre oak barrels. These greater volume containers have a subtler aromatic influence on the wines letting the grapes express, even more, all their aromatic potential. Besides, the oxygen exposure is minor so the freshness and ageing potential of our wines are preserved. 30% new and 70% second use. 100% French oak.


Intense red color with purple shades.

Food Pairing

VEAL RIB COVERED BY PLUM AND DRIED FRUITS CROÛTE, QUAIL EGGS OVER POTATO ROUNDS AND BACON CHIPS Cheval des Andes 2013 is perfect to pair with this dish that adds the sophistication of a wide range of aromas, flavors and textures to the simplicity of the grilled rib. Its elegant tannins combine with the meat fat and soften it. This fusion highlights the wine and enhances the perception of its fruity aromas. They are meant for each other.