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Bodegas Etchart

A brief history

The story that began as an adventure of a pioneer and his intuition seems to have no end; just a continuous development. Year after year, Bodegas Etchart produces more than 6 million bottles that are sold in Argentina and in 30 countries around the world. Today, the winery has 423 planted hectares, of which 40% are from Torrontés, a number that also represents more than 40% of the total production of this variety throughout the entire Calchaquí Valleys. With a storage capacity that exceeds 11 million liters, it produces a wide range of labels based on red and white varieties, and its oenological and agronomic team constantly experiments with varieties that are very rare in northern Argentina.
Through the labels of Bodegas Etchart, the wines of the Argentine northwest conquer palates all over the world.
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Ruta Nacional Nº 40 1047