The nose is rich with ripe plum and red berries and a spicy touch of eucalyptus and black pepper.


It is a full-bodied, complex wine, with smooth, finely grained tannins. The finish is long and lingering with delicate toast and vanilla flavors.

Growing Conditions

La Piramide Vineyard: aluvial origin. Clay topsoil with rounded rocks on the bottom


Low yields due to moderate frosts in the UCO Valley, an early harvest, and perfect balance. Laura Catena’s favorite vintage since 1995. After Harvest 2016, the smallest and coldest in three decades thanks to El Niño, Mendoza's wine producers were mourning their empty wineries and hoping for a big crop. But only Mother Nature gets to decide, and in 2017 we had another year of small yields—especially in the UCO Valley where most of our family’s vineyards are located. Spring frosts brought on by dryer and slightly cooler weather resulted in lower yields, and the UCO Valley Malbec was down 55%.


Selected yeast. Max. Ferm.Temp. 27-30ºC, for 20 days, 20-23 days maceration


12-14 months in French oak barrels


Saint Felicien Cabernet Sauvignon is an elegant, complex wine of a deep red ruby color.