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Bodega Noemia

A brief history

The italian Countess and wine producer Noemi Marone Cinzano, and the prestigious Danish winemaker Hans Vinding-Diers, teamed up as partners to produce some of the finest wines in Argentina. Upon the discovery of the old Malbec vineyard, countess Noemi Marone Cinzano and Hans Vinding-Diers proceeded to restore the old vineyard back to life. They purchased the small property and set to make a small vinification for fun. The wine was bottled, brought by chance to a famous winefair and gained immediate notoriety, so they then decided to settle there for a bit and pursue their dream of making the finest wine possible thanks to those beautiful old plants.They partnered for 18 years in the project until recently, where Hans Vinding-Diers, together with his wife and children, took over sole ownership of Bodega Noemía and the countess is now concentrating on other projects of hers in Europe.
Patagonia is unique in every aspect.The Río Negro flows through the desert, transforming the valley in a true oasis in the middle of the steppe. Our soil is made of alluvial composition, which added to our organic and sustainable approach makes it a superb combination for our wines to flourish.
In the early 1900’s, Cesare Cipolleti, who was an italian hydraulic engineer, studied the basin of the Limay, Neuquén and Río Negro rivers, to make the most of their flow and through an ingenious system of canals irrigate the Río Negro Valley. This irrigates all of our vines, including our 1932 old vineyard, responsible for producing our emblematic and world-renowned Noemía Malbec.
Since the very beginning at Bodega Noemía, the philosophy was to bring the vineyard to the bottle in the most sincere way. To achieve such a feat, we go by the following steps: We pick by hand. We do de-stemming and full bunch. We use the most traditional ways of extraction like punching down or even foot treading. For the single vineyards we help proliferate the spontaneous yeasts and for the A Lisa we use the best quality yeast selections that a Danish laboratory provides us with. We ferment in open wooden fermenters, cement vessels and stainless steel tanks. We do our “elevage” which means ageing, in 600 litres by 43 mm oak vats and mostly seasoned barriques. Every year we include a 15% of new barrels in order to renew our stock.
The vines in our property are mainly Malbec, with some Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. We irrigate them by flooding with water coming from an ingenious system of canals that date almost two centuries back.